Hello, my name is Richard Reeves-Ellington and I am running for the position Delmar Supervisor.

Why am I running?
We can't keep voting for candidates who don't know what they believe in.

Vote for me - I know who I am and what I stand for.
  Smart, Commonsense Democratic Values

    The individual’s right to choice in private matters.
This includes the right for women to choose, all those wishing to marry to have the ability to do so, and the right of people to collectively bargain.

      The community’s obligations to provide for the well being of its citizens. This includes the provision of health care, helping those without employment, and providing a community infrastructure that meets the needs of our citizens.

      local resources for local issues.
This includes encouraging community-based businesses and citizens to be engaged in community development. This includes contractual agreements with entities that are given tax breaks or other preferential treatment for locating in the community. These contracts should not only define the benefits but provide penalties when the terms are violated.

           These beliefs coincide with Working Families Party principles.  That is why I am standing under their banner.

Richard, Reeves-Ellington, Delmar, Supervisor